Earn 7 Figures by Forex Trading

open an account with the best forex brokers and get discounts, earn dollars from trading signals with the help of artificial intelligence, and download any indicator or expert you need. .

On TraderNova, it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or have experience working with different trading strategies. Whatever level of trading experience and knowledge you have, we will help you improve your situation and get more profit from the great forex market every day.


Earn 7 Figures by Forex Trading

Introducing TraderNova

Earn Money Trading Forex with TraderNova

Trader Nova started its activity in domestic and foreign financial markets in 2012 to earn high income from Trading forex . At first, our activity was only in the form of a trading team, which later expanded, and in addition to traders, programmers and artificial intelligence experts were added to us, and we started providing trading services. First, by preparing a list of reputable forex brokers and signing a contract with them, we tried to raise the trading quality of Persian speakers all over the world so that they can invest and trade more in forex with peace of mind. Then, with the establishment of Trader-Nova.com in 2016, in addition to introducing the best forex broker and also providing consulting services for opening an account, we provided forex signal service along with forex training, so to speak, Earn While You Learn .to implement in a Persian site and those interested in earning dollars from forex while training, can also have a decent income for themselves.

Is it really possible to earn money from Forex Trading?


It is definitely possible! Our evidence is the population of 100 million traders who are engaged in trading, trading and earning dollar income from forex all over the world in various financial markets . Of course, not all of these people benefit from the same income, and all the rules of the free market are also considered in this business. In other words, the number of people who have astronomical incomes of several million dollars per month is very small, and most people who are engaged in trading experience incomes of several thousand dollars per month.

Don’t Trade Anymore!
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To earn money from Forex, you don’t need to trade by yourself.
You can let TraderNova’s artificial intelligence robot trade for you and you
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just with an expert copy trade, you allow the robot to copy its trades for you…

Contrary to popular belief, earning dollars from forex requires a lot of investment of time and effort rather than high initial capital. Trading is a relatively difficult skill, but  it is possible to achieve it with efforts in the right direction . But unfortunately, as you have already heard, more than 90% of traders in the financial markets lose their capital, and that is only for one reason, trying in the wrong direction! There are thousands and millions of hours of video tutorials on the internet to learn how to trade, all claiming to be able to teach you how to make billions in forex … but only 5% of them actually know how to do it through trading. Let’s began to earn dollars from forex!


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In TraderNova, our focus is on providing high quality financial services, increasing the level of knowledge and experience of traders. For this purpose, articles on earning money from Forex and Cryptocurrencies are collected from all over the world, and you can read all of them for free below.

What do we do?

How does TraderNova Help me?

In the first step, you should make a firm decision to devote part of your daily time to Trading Forex. You should not expect to earn a decent amount of income without devoting the right amount of time. For example, most people who earn a few thousand dollars a month on the TraderNova, devote at least 2 to 4 hours of their daily time to this work. In the next step, you should dedicate a few months from the beginning of your journey to training, practicing and trying to learn all the ins and outs of the financial markets and even get to know the digital currency market as much as possible and be able to learn different types of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Trade Ethereum and…

how does tradernova help me

TraderNova has been with you since the beginning. We will help you to find the best forex broker and open an account in it, we will introduce you to different types of indicators and expert advisors and remind you that you cannot make a profit with them (!), we will provide you with the basics. We introduce financial markets, we teach you how to look at the market like institutional traders (banks and international financial institutions, market makers, etc.) and find trading positions with a high probability of success and along the way , we offer you forex signals so that you can earn money from Trading Forex while learning and not fall behind!