Alpari review 2022 ❤️ is alpari a regulated broker or scam?

Alpari review 2022 is alpari a regulated broker or scam?

  • The 2022 update of the reputable and prominent broker and the well-known name of Forex, i.e. checking and registering in Alpari broker , has been released! Here, we have reviewed Alpari broker completely from zero to hundred. We have reviewed this broker and explained the trading conditions of this Forex broker in the new year 2022 So, stay with us until the end of this article to get to know Alpari, the biggest and best Forex broker, a well-known, reliable and great name broker that has been providing services to Forex traders around the world for more than twenty years.

    In these twenty years, Alpari broker has been able to attract a wide range of customers with the wide range of services it provides, customers who entrust their funds to this broker for trading with peace of mind.

    Alpari review at a glance
    🗺️ Central office Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
    ⚖️ Regulation SVG FSC, IFSC
    💰 Minimum capital $10
    💰 maximum leverage 1:1000
    📊 trading platforms MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5
    🎮 Demo account active
    🛍️ tradable assets Forex, precious metals, CFDs, digital currencies and binary options

    Alpari broker history

    Alpari was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in Mauritius. Alpari broker was established to become the best and biggest broker in the world! This trust and confidence is the result of two decades of continuous effort along with customer orientation. Alpri is a well-known name along with LiteForex and Fibo Group broker.

    Alpari has more than 2 million dedicated customers, 20 years of experience in the forex field, 8 active offices in three continents, and more than 250 trading and trading tools. In the following text, we will discuss the facilities, conditions and things that you should consider before registering. Although Alpari started its work as a small company, today it has become one of the most global and comprehensive brokers in the field of forex, and it is necessary for you to read the important materials that are prepared for you in the best source of forex education. We have read it.

    Every day, this agency continues to develop its facilities and services to meet the needs of its customers in order to provide you with the best possible business experience. So stay with us to receive the latest and most up-to-date information about this broker.

    What account types does Alpari provide?

    Whether you are new to trading or consider yourself a very experienced investor, Alpari has the right account level for you. Their main accounts are divided into two parts, which will be different depending on your choice. These two categories are business and investment.

    What account types does Alpari provide?


    The facilities available to you are wonderful! You Alpari customers can choose from different Nano, Standard, ECN and  ProECN accounts with the highest server speed and the lowest spread (zero) on two platforms  , Metatrader 4 and 5 , and the possibility of removing swaps (night interest) and Binary option trades.

    It should be mentioned that you can activate your account with even less than 1 dollar. So enter the site faster with the link below the page and start the initial registration so that we can be with you in the next steps!

    Alpari demo account

    We recommend first to learn fully and trading conditions, if you don’t want to enter your capital in a real user account at first and take risk, you can choose from the free demo version offered in Alpari. ​

    This gives you the opportunity to try the facilities and conditions of this broker in an easy and risk-free way without using your financial resources. Not only will you be able to fully familiarize yourself with the platform, but it will also give you the opportunity to get a better understanding of whether this broker is good for you or not! ​

    Alpari has provided a trial version in each of its accounts which is acceptable for Nano accounts. These demo accounts can be used for an unlimited period of time and you are allowed to top up the demo budget when it runs low. ​

    Note that demo accounts will be closed if they are inactive for more than 10 days!

    All you have to do to access the trial account is to submit your email address and user information. Alpari broker will send the demo login details to your email and you can enter your user account through the link and username and password sent!

    Opening a trading account and trading in Alpari

    If you choose the trading category, you will have six different account types to choose from. We will review them below.

    Types of accounts in Alpari nano mt4 standard mt4 standard mt5 ecn mt4 pro ecn mt4 ecn mt5
    Minimum deposit Zero! $20 $100 300 dollars 500 dollars 500 dollars
    Trading tool 33 currency pairs and 2 metals 33 currency pairs and 2 metals 33 currency pairs and 2 metals 46 currency pairs, 2 metals, 18 shares 46 currency pairs, 2 metals, 18 shares 46 currency pairs, 2 metals, 18 shares
    Foreign currency deposit USC, EUC (Tradition) USD, EUR USD, EUR USD, EUR USD, EUR USD, EUR
    Margin Cal 50.00% 50.00% 50.00% 50.00% 50.00% 50.00%
    Maximum order volume 10 50 50 100 unlimited unlimited
    Maximum number of orders 25 500 500 500 unlimited unlimited
    leverage ratio 1:10 – 1:1000 1:10 – 1:1000 1:10 – 1:1000 1:2 – 1:1000 1:2 – 1:1000 1:2 – 1:1000
    spread Fixed floating floating floating Floating from zero Floating from zero
    Commission does not have does not have does not have does not have $16 per lot $16 per lot

    As you can see, the level of trading accounts increases in each step with the increase of the minimum deposit; As a result, the higher the account level you choose, the more benefits you will receive along with it. Obviously, if you are just starting to trade, choose the lowest level with the minimum deposit required. Alpari Brokerage is sure to meet all kinds of needs of you traders and maximize the diversity for your independent trading.

    PAMM account or investing on traders

    In the second category, after the forex, metals and CFDT trading section, to the attractive investment section or PAM account , Alpari offers five different types of accounts in the field:

    Types of PAM accounts in Alpari standard pamm mt4 standard pamm mt5 pamm ecn mt4 pamm pro ecn mt4 pamm ecn mt5
    Minimum deposit $300 public account, $100 private account $300 public account, $100 private account $300 public account $300 private account 500 dollars public account 500 dollars private account 500 dollars public account 500 dollars private account
    Trading tool 33 currency pairs and 2 metals 33 currency pairs and 2 metals 46 currency pairs, 2 metals, 18 shares 46 currency pairs, 2 metals, 18 shares 46 currency pairs, 2 metals, 18 shares
    Foreign currency deposit USD, EUR USD, EUR USD, EUR USD, EUR USD, EUR
    Margin Cal 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5
    Maximum order volume 50 50 100 100 100
    Maximum number of orders 500 500 500 unlimited unlimited
    leverage ratio 0.736111 1:10 – 1:1000 1:10 – 1:1000 1:2 – 1:1000 1:2 – 1:1000
    Commission does not have does not have does not have $16 per lot $16 per lot

    Business facilities in Alpari

    Since Alpari focuses mainly on forex, it has a large list of currency pairs to offer to all accounts. The number of pairs is limited depending on the account, but the best options are still available. You can also trade metals and CFDs with Alpari. Although the general types of financial instruments are not very many, keep in mind that their main application is in the field of forex. If you are a forex trader, this is the best possible platform for you if your other options are quite limited.

    Alpari broker regulations and licenses for your reassurance

    Alpari is regulated by the Financial Services Commission or FCS in Mauritius. Their license number is c113012295 . You can see their membership certificate and license scan on the Alpari website. FCS is a globally recognized financial-supervisory institution, so users can be assured of their business with peace of mind. According to regulations, servers containing your customer information are kept separate. All your private and financial information is stored on cold servers.

     In general, Alpari broker has shown that it is a reliable broker that cares about the safety of its customers.

    Payment and bonus options in Alpari broker


    Payment and bonus options in Alpari broker

    You have many options for payment to start working in Alpari brokerage and initial deposit. There are four categories for transferring your funds which are:

    1. Banking systems
    2. Credit cards
    3. Webmany
    4. Transfers with digital currencies

    For you, a dear customer who invests from Iran, the best option is to pay with digital currencies, but if you have bank accounts outside of Iran, Alpari accepts almost all major cards and electronic wallets.

    Deposits are made quickly and effortlessly. The time of withdrawal from the account varies depending on the type of transfer, but it is usually done within 2 to 5 days.

    One of the biggest aspects of Alpari is its promotions and rewards. Alpari offers four different types of reward programs as a way to reward its loyal traders.

    1. Cashback points, which are given depending on trading activity.
    2. Premier Client status, different benefits given to Premier Clients upon receipt such as 100% return of paid commissions.
    3. Business competitions, different prizes given for different types of competitions.
    4. Special offers, new offers and rewards introduced at different times

    It is not surprising that Alpari managed to collect up to two million users and loyal customers. They offer a solid platform with great benefits and rewards. In addition, the more loyal you are to the operating system, the more benefits you will receive.

    Training with Alpari broker

    You have the opportunity to participate in their training courses, where it is possible to learn the basics and professional forex trading. Since Alpari mainly focuses on forex trading, they have provided training on trading currency pairs. These courses are mainly for beginners and teach 101 types of forex trading, so there is not much to gain for professionals.

    More information about Alpari broker

    Remarkably, Alpari’s website is very easy to work with and full of information. Alpari also allows its customers to learn about the details of their company, such as trading options, legal policies, and more. This website is available in various languages ​​including Arabic, English, Farsi, Hindi, Chinese, Vietnamese, Portuguese, Russian, Indonesian Bahasa and Malaysian Bahasa. Of course, these facilities are expected from a global company like this.

    More information about Alpari broker


    Technical and professional customer support is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In the support section of the site, you can contact Alpari’s customer support team via email, live chat, phone, Skype, and Viber. You can also chat with their Telegram bot. However, for their phone support, they have limited call hours and work from Monday to Friday.

    Moreover, cfds is a complex tool. Because of the leverage, they have a high risk of losing money. Between 74 and 89% of retail investor accounts experience losses when trading CFDs. As mentioned earlier, Alpari International offers a mobile app as well as a web app. Additionally, they offer and support MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 for desktop.

    Alpari successful and reliable broker overview

    Overall, we are quite pleased with what Alpari has to offer. They also have great account types, secure and isolated servers, strong regulations, amazing bonuses and promotions, wide payment options and more.

    Alpari offers a wide range of services that are suitable for both beginners and advanced traders. A mix of fee-based and non-fee-based accounts with varying reach and spread to varying degrees of leverage. Therefore, Alpari International offers are unique.

    Beginners have access to the world’s most well-known trading platforms (mt4 and m5), as well as accounts with low minimum deposits, to get started. Meanwhile, advanced traders can use the accounts to offer institutional spreads through ecn forex. They have a wider market scope for business.

    Nano account has no minimum deposit requirement. In addition, to open other accounts, you need to pay from 300 to 500 dollars. In different account types, the execution method may be different. It depends on the account opened. In addition, Alpari offers fee-based quotes in its pro ecn metatrader 4 account.

    including three commodity CFDs and 10 stock index CFDs. These types of accounts also offer a much better range of tradable instruments. In terms of total cost of commissions and spread costs for trading, the ecn metatrader 5 account is the most competitive Alpari account offering. Over three months, 129 customer service phone tests were conducted for our 2018 Forex review. Alpari’s score was 6.5 out of 10. This is not a bad indicator, nor is it a good one. However, it is better than average.

    If you trade in Forex, Alpari is the best option for you!

    In general, you can try your luck with the broker. It doesn’t matter if you have experience or not. The broker is suitable for both situations. You must have guessed that this broker is not perfect, but actually this is not a big problem. Because instead they are completely reliable.

    It is unfortunate that many countries do not work with Alpari despite claiming to be a global broker. They (Alpari) also provide excellent service to forex traders or investors and are proud of their long business experience in this field. Obviously, in the 20 years of Alpari’s existence, they have learned how to satisfy their customers. Thus, he was able to gather more than two million loyal merchants.

    Although their options are still limited, it shouldn’t be an issue doing business with Alpari at all. Quite the contrary, it seems to be a great experience for forex traders. We urge you to try their services and let us know your thoughts in the comments and ratings below. If you sign up, we wish you the best of luck!


    Alpari Financial Services Company or Alpari Broker  is one of the independent and leading brokerage companies in the forex market that provides online trading services on international currencies and some commodities as well as futures contracts . This broker is part of the Alpari family, which is internationally known for its history of technological and innovative solutions. The Alpari broker family has managed to gain the trust of more than one million people in 150 countries and with a monthly transaction volume of 800 billion dollars (statistics for January 2018).

    The newest member of the Alpari family, called Alpari Broker, was registered in 2010 in one of the most important forex centers in the world, Limassol, Cyprus. This broker has a regulation certificate from  the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission  (CySEC). In accordance with Cypriot law, Alprey Broker is a member of the Investor Compensation Fund (ICF) for clients of Cypriot Investment Companies (CIFs).

    Alpari Broker allows its clients to access international markets and trade various financial instruments including forex, precious metals, stocks and futures markets. They provide the best trading platforms, the most complete trading tools as well as the fastest direct access to bank liquidity unlike any other forex broker.

    Alpari broker has the most diverse types of trading accounts

    Alpari broker trading accounts are prepared for use by traders. Alpari has 5 types of accounts, including nano account (cents) without minimum charge amount. But for standard accounts, there is a minimum limit of 100 dollars or 100 euros. The (ECN) account also has a minimum charge amount of 300 dollars or euros. The unique account (Pro ECN) which has extraordinary conditions for trading and is somehow equal to the (ECN) account of LightForex Broker has a minimum charge amount of 500 dollars or euros.

    Broker Alpari’s spreads are among the most competitive spreads in this industry and are under 1 pip under normal market conditions. This broker can easily be compared with the best forex brokers in terms of commercial and technical capabilities and the variety of options to meet the different needs of customers. But perhaps the most prominent feature of Alpari broker is the emphasis on educational services and providing educational information. The provision of educational content is in line with the forex market, where the most skilled and experienced traders share information with newbies. The teaching method is very flexible and the content is rich, easy to understand and presented in a friendly and encouraging manner. Add to all this very strong fundamental data and news to facilitate trading on news.

    And finally, PAMM management account is also contracted so that successful traders can attract capital and earn more with their profitable trading strategy , and also people who have not yet achieved success in the market can put their money in the hands of such people. Place them so that they will not be deprived of this lucrative job.

    Alpari broker trading platforms

    All kinds of trading platforms are available in Alpari broker. Metatrader 4 is for nano and standard accounts, and Metatrader 5 is for ECN and Pro Ecn accounts. Also, special mobile trading platforms have been designed and built for iPhone and Android operating systems so that customers can trade in forex in any imaginable place that has access to the Internet.

    Alpari broker trading platforms

    Metatraders of Alpri broker are not inferior to other brokers in terms of speed, and they can execute traders’ trading orders with the utmost accuracy. But if you have opened many charts of different currency pairs, maybe the speed of MetaTrader itself will drop a little, but still, in this situation, buy and sell orders will be sent on time.

    Metatrader 4

    Metatrader 4 is the most famous and oldest Metatrader platform. This system was developed for leveraged forex trading and is packed with tools and functions that professional traders love. For example, advanced drawing with multiple drawing tools is at your disposal. There are also a number of technical analysis tools that you can use. To enhance these analysis tools, the MT4 platform has a wide range of different orders that you can use strategically to enter/exit. There are also other third-party plugins that Alpari has included in the MT4 platform.

    Metatrader 5

    Metatrader 5 is the next generation trading platform by Metatrader. This allows you to use a number of different CFD instruments on traditional forex assets that you can trade with MT4. The pages of this platform have also been completely renovated. For example, when it comes to charting you have additional time format options. While MT4 has only 9 time frames and MT5 has more than 21 time frames. ​

    Metatrader5 also includes a market depth chart and an economic calendar on the platform. The former is useful for determining order flow while the latter will help you structure your trades around important announcements. You will also have more options when you want to place orders in MT5. In the new platform, you have the possibility of more than 6 pending orders, while in MT4, the possibility of only 4 pending orders is available. Like MT4, you can trade with MT5 on a number of different operating systems and devices.

    Alpari broker with easy deposit and withdrawal methods

    Alpari supports 12 different deposit and withdrawal methods. The money transfer fee will be returned to the selected method. Normal withdrawals take a maximum of 24 hours, although sometimes there may be a delay depending on the selected method. Due to compliance with global laws regarding the fight against money laundering and related criminal activities, all withdrawals must be made to the accounts specified by the customer in his profile. Among Alpari broker’s deposit and withdrawal methods, using WebMoney is the best method for moving and transferring money for Iranians.

    Alpari customer service and support

    Broker Alpari company provides excellent support for its customers with its extensive support through email, phone, online chat on the site, which is ready to respond at any time of the day or night to serve and solve their possible problems. An attractive case in Alpari’s support and customer service department is the use of Persian-speaking human resources. As we all know, unfortunately, most Iranians do not have sufficient command of the English language, so the presence of a Persian-speaking supporter in this broker can help to resolve and resolve traders’ problems as quickly as possible.

    Conclusion about opening an account in Alpari brokerage

    Alpari has provided one of the most attractive packages for beginners in the financial markets. The website and trading platform are designed so that even the most inexperienced people have no problem understanding how to use them. The content and information posted on the website are without exaggeration among the best content provided by brokers, which compels you to visit this broker’s website regularly.

    Of course, this is not the whole story, and Alpari brokerage happens to provide very suitable conditions for professional traders with heavy capital, and this can be seen from the very high monthly turnover of this broker.

    So quickly log in with the link below and start your success in forex trading by registering in Alpari broker! Alpari is a gateway to the world of your dollar earnings! Invest with peace of mind and collect profits of hundreds of thousands of dollars!

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