• Free Forex Signals Daily ❤️ +100 pips

    Free Forex Signals Daily +100 pips

    Free Trader Nova Forex Signal Telegram channel is the best choice for you, so become a member of the Forex Signal Telegram channel and use free signals. The best signals with different time frames and logical risk to reward along with various trainings + Forex robot gift 😍 for you, dear ones, to get the most profit from the Forex financial market. Stay with us for a complete explanation of the history and working methods of forex artificial intelligence signals !

    After many years of activity in the forex market (from 2008 to today), we now proudly and confidently believe that we are the best guaranteed real-time forex signal provider in Iran, and we are the ones who issue the most accurate signals! We operate honestly and we believe that healthy competition in the forex market is the winning card of the best! Every day, our system issues the best forex signals in different currency pairs, and Trader Nova’s professional trainers send the best ones to the @Tradernova Telegram channel with their scientific and expert review. We try to reduce the shortcomings of our work every day and improve day by day; But we strongly recommend that Nova Trader is only suitable for those who want to enter the market with a real vision, not those who are looking to get rich overnight!

    In Nova Trader, we use Artificial Intelligence to provide forex signals. Of course, if we want to explain more precisely, with the help of data mining and deep learning methods, we find algorithms and patterns in the market that are not easily visible to the unaided eye, and then this process with artificial intelligence tools. We continue on a daily basis in the forex market. This artificial intelligence has been getting smarter over time since its inception, and for example, the average success rate of 82,648 forex signals issued from August 20, 2020 to August 21, 2021 was about 75% .

    Forex signal statistics

    This means that if you implement all the signals issued by Nova Trader robot in your trading account with proper capital management, on average, out of every 20 trades, 15 will be profitable and 5 will be profitable. But how is this possible?

    If you don’t know exactly what artificial intelligence is and you are interested in this topic, I suggest you visit Wikipedia or read the PDF file introducing artificial intelligence in CFTC financial markets.

    🥇 Percentage of success 75% trading success
    ✅ Investment cost Totally affordable!
    💰 Risk to reward 1:2
    📊 Number of signals per week 20 to 30 profitable signals
    Guarantee status +1000 pips monthly guarantee of signals

    As mentioned, in the beginning, only 55% of the predictions of Nova Trader Robot were correct! We have, we were able to improve this statistic to about 75% over time and with the continuous learning of the learning engine.
    Become a member of the signal channel for free right now!

    Types of Forex Trader Nova Signals

    The signals that Nova Trader Robot finds in Forex can be defined in three categories:

    1. Classic patterns (Chart Patterns)
    2. Key level breakouts
    3. Approaching key levels (Key level approach)

    Each of these three categories is controlled by a separate artificial intelligence engine. Also, the signals that are issued have different time frame origin, from 15 minutes to daily time frame. Therefore, with any kind of trading taste, you can make the most of Forex Trader Nova’s signal. To learn more about these things, let’s see some examples of these signals together:

    Signal example of classic patterns (Chart Patterns)

    The first example you see in the image below is the result of the channel pattern signal, which is one of the classic patterns of technical analysis. This signal was issued in the EURJPY currency pair in the 30-minute time frame on August 23, 2021. As you can see, this currency pair has reached its target after about 24 hours, i.e. one day, and has touched its profit limit of almost 20 pips. This is an example of a classic signal pattern

    Example of break signal or breakout of key levels (Key Level Breakouts

    The image you see below is the result of the breakout signal in the GBPUSD currency pair on August 24, 2021 in the 15-minute time frame. As you can see, our smart robot (!) issued this signal as soon as the resistance level was broken and the specified 20 pips target was touched exactly in the next candle. This is an example of key level breakouts.

    Example of forex signal approaching key levels (Key level approach)

    The last example that we have given you from Nova Forex Trader signal service is one of the most powerful signals. In other words, these types of trades introduced by our robot have more than 80% probability of success. In the picture below, you can see that the GBPCHF currency pair reached its target of 30 pips in less than 18 hours in the 15-minute time frame.

    Checking the results of real-time forex signals

    Every week on the Telegram channel, Instagram page and also at the bottom of this page, the results of last week’s signals are fully reviewed. But if you’re looking for a full report from the past year, read on! You can see each of the types of signals introduced above in detail below.

    1- On what basis are Nova Forex Trader signals issued?


    Signals are issued entirely based on artificial intelligence and deep learning technology. Our artificial intelligence robot continuously seeks to find suitable trading positions to enter the market in 15 minutes to daily time frames. The basis of these signals is also classic patterns and support and resistance levels.

    2- How many signals are issued during the day, week and month?

    This question is very general! It is not possible to give an exact answer because it is impossible to predict how many times a suitable position for trading can be found during each day. But it can be estimated, based on the experience of our trading robot for the past 1 year. In the last year, 82468 signals were issued by this artificial intelligence, which can be concluded that we had 225 signals every day. But all these 225 signals were not provided to Nova Trader customers and after filtering the signals, only the signals whose success percentage was more than 65% were published.

    3- What percentage of signals have been successful?

    From the number of 82648 signals during the last year, from August 20, 2020 to August 21, 2021, 75% of them have reached the specified target level.

    4- What is the risk-to-reward ratio of forex signals?

    The ratio of risk to reward, or the ratio of the amount of profit gained to the amount of loss of each transaction, is a decisive number in each person’s transactions. The amount of risk to reward of Nova Trader signals is 1:1 in the lowest possible conditions, which is a very significant amount considering the percentage of profitable transactions.

    5- Is it necessary to pay to receive signals?

    Certainly, nothing good comes for free, and in other words, “free cheese can only be found in the mousetrap!”

    But until further notice, we will provide the signals to the interested parties for free on the Trader Nova Telegram channel at the address @TraderNova in order to make this extremely powerful artificial intelligence service known as much as possible. Become a member now so you don’t forget!

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